Home of the Woot-Off Checker script

After a disagreement with my hosting provider I had to shut the script down on my site. Fellow Woot members have been helping out and the script can be found at any of the sites on the bottom.

Woot-Off Checker Stats (Before Shutdown)

Sites hosting the Woot-Off Checker


An updated list of Woot-Off checkers can be found at http://wootoff.wikispaces.com/wootcheckers

Thanks to ikishk for updating the list.


This page is no longer being maintained please use the link above for an updated list.

Be sure to thank the person whos site you were using I know from experience the woot off checker can put a load on a server

Bandwidth friendlier (Recommended)
kozko : http://www.oddpic.com/woot.php New
sulfur : http://semideaf.com/woot/woot.phpHas 1% Mp3
yellowbkpk : http://yellowbkpk.com/wootcheck.php Has picture cache as well
cainkar : http://cainkar.com/woot/ Includes RSS
adinb : http://wootoff.lustre.us/
The Modern Chach's Woot Chacher
chachkowski: http://modernchach.com/woot/wootChacher.php
Ekimus Mod Version
Ekimus : http://www.outsideofdreams.com/woot_checker.php
mekanik : http://www.downmix.com/wootoff/ (This one has google ads), and has been customized
cainkar : http://cainkar.com/woot/ Includes RSS and old version
The Original Black2d Ghetto Version
cainkar : http://cainkar.com/woot/ Includes RSS
pheonix2og : http://www.theretrorevolution.com/woot.php

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