Adding Environmental Variables

As you are setting up a windows network you may want to add environmental variables do perform dynamic computer redirecting. Environmental variables can allow an administrator to change labs dynamically, basically using group policy and an environmental variable we can redirect a users desktop and start menu to our server, the variable on the machine will allow us to determine what folder the computer redirects to.

To add an environmental variable in Windows XP/2000 first right click on My Computer and push properties. This will bring up the system properties page. (This page is also brought up by control panel->system)

From there click on Advanced:

On the bottom click environmental variables


Click new in the system portion

Type in the name of the variables (lab in this case)

Type in variable value (in our case w215)

Press OK

Verify the variable you added was in the correct location (system)

Then press OK

Then OK again

Now you have finished adding an environmental variable.